Vinyl Transfers

Vinyl TransfersWith our Vinyl Transfer service, you can get your record collection (or cassette tapes) copied onto CD or MP3.

This service is available in the UK only.

This is how it works:

silver_arrow Send us the records you want to transfer. If you are local to Walton-on-Thames, we may also be able to collect from you.

silver_arrow We create CDs or MP3s of your records according to your instructions.

silver_arrow Any extra services you have selected, such as printing the original artwork or digital noise reduction, are also carried out.

silver_arrow Your CDs are posted to you, MP3s are made available for you to download. We also return your original records, or donate them to charity shops on your behalf if you prefer not to have them returned.


Getting your records copied onto a digital format offers several benefits:

silver_arrow Your collection is backed up in a digital format. Digital versions of your records will never degrade through being played too much, so you can keep your records safely stored for special occasions.

silver_arrow You could decide to sell your records or donate them to a charity shop. Some records are rare and valuable, or perhaps you simply don’t have a turntable or cassette deck any longer or feel your records take up too much space.

silver_arrow We can attempt to reduce any unwanted noise effects which can become intrusive as records age or become warped. Hiss, crackles and pops can all be reduced and even eliminated entirely in some cases. We also attempt to correct any jumps in the playback, although this isn’t always possible.


Finally, please be assured that we love vinyl and have our own collection too. Any records you send us will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

If you have any questions about this service, please look at the Vinyl Transfer FAQ below or contact us for the information you need.


Who is this service for?

If you have a vinyl record collection, we can transfer those recordings to CD or MP3. You can do this either to back up your vinyls or to replace them. We also offer the same service for cassette tapes.


How long does it take?

Transferring a vinyl record can be a long process. The transfer has to be done in “real-time”, and there can be a lot of subsequent editing to do. We always listen to the full duration of the record to pick out any skips/jumps in playback and we attempt to edit these in order to correct them.

In addition, we manually identify the beginning and end of each track as we have found automatic services claiming to offer this feature are not particularly reliable.

Any extra services you require such as noise reduction, artwork scanning and artist/album/track title programming also take additional time.

Depending on the size of your order, we will advise as to how long the process may take. We take a great deal of care and have a lot of pride in our service, and would much rather spend extra time on fixing a jump in the playback than rushing your order back to you.


Can’t I just buy the CD or MP3 version of my record online or in a shop?

Your record may not be available anywhere else. Many live albums in particular never made it onto CD or MP3, and there are a great many rare vinyl records you simply cannot find on any other format.

If your vinyl record is also available on CD or MP3 then great! You can contact us for a quote anyway, as you may find our service to be cheaper than buying CD or MP3 versions of your records.

You also may wish to choose our service over buying the CD/MP3 version if you like the way your vinyl sounds compared to today’s digital formats. Even though we transfer onto CD/MP3, we are essentially copying your vinyl record directly and – if you choose not to have the noise reduction service – your CD/MP3 will basically sound the same as your vinyl record. If you bought the CD/MP3 version from a shop, it would be digitally remastered and wouldn’t have the crackles, pops and warm vinyl sound. A lot of vinyl owners prefer the character inherent in the format, and our service can preserve that for you.


What are the extra options about?

For CDs, we offer:

silver_arrow Noise reduction, where we attempt to reduce or even eliminate the clicks and pops and hiss you encounter with vinyl records.

silver_arrow We can scan and print artwork from the vinyl itself (if the vinyl has any artwork) or from the record sleeve (if the vinyl has no artwork) directly onto the CD in full colour. You can alternatively opt to have the artist, album and track titles printed onto the CD.

silver_arrow Your CDs can be packaged in either a plastic sleeve or a jewel case.

silver_arrow Your CD jewel case or plastic sleeve can be supplied with scanned and printed full colour sleeve artwork. We also offer artist, album and track titles with the case or sleeve.

silver_arrow We can input CD Text, which supplies information to compatible CD players (for example, most CD car stereos display CD text). We supply the CD with all available information, such as artist, album, track titles, etc.


For MP3s, we offer:

silver_arrow Noise reduction, where we attempt to reduce or even eliminate the clicks and pops and hiss you encounter with vinyl records.

silver_arrow We can scan the sleeve artwork and include it with your MP3s. When you play the tracks on an MP3 player which displays album artwork, your original vinyl record artwork will be displayed.

silver_arrow We can input ID3 tags, which supply information to compatible MP3 players (for example, Apple iPods and most modern smartphones display ID3 tags). We supply MP3s with all available information, such as artist, album, track titles, etc.


What is the process, from start to finish?

After you contact us about a vinyl transfer project, we will agree the work you need and offer a quote. If you accept the quote, you can either deliver or post the vinyl records to us. We then begin the transfer process and we work on any additional options you selected.

When the order is ready, we can either post it to you or you can collect it. Your vinyl records are returned to you unless you specifically instruct us otherwise, in which case they are donated to a charity shop on your behalf.


Is this legal?

Making a copy of your vinyl records is perfectly legal for your personal use only. We provide you with a service where we make a single copy of your record. You may not sell or otherwise distribute the copy, nor are you allowed to make copies of the copy.

We are not interested in assisting any illegal activities, so please ensure you are using this service for legal reasons. Any requests to produce more than one CD of a record will be denied, as this implies that the service is not being utilised for personal use.

We will only accept an order once you have agreed to adhere to the legal requirements of making a personal copy of your vinyl records.

If you can prove to us that you own the copyrights to a recording, or that the recording is in the public domain and as such is exempt from copyright laws, then the above will not apply to any order for that recording.


How much will it cost?

The amount we quote you is the amount you pay. When you fill out the enquiry form, it gives a base price for each aspect of the job but we often reduce the overall quote according to the size of the order and so on. We set a price according to the details of the job you provide us and what we think it will entail after we have spoken with you, rather than charging you per hour.


Why is this service UK only?

We think it would become too expensive for customers to post vinyl records overseas to UK, then pay for more international shipping to have their CDs and vinyl records returned.

There is also an increased risk of lost or damaged goods with long distance postage, or possibly a further goods tax payable.

By keeping the service within the UK, we can send items by registered post without a huge increase in cost.