Tuition Packages

Special Offer!

We are pleased to offer tuition packages, allowing you to buy a block of 10 lessons and then take the lessons at your convenience. A tuition package costs £130 for 10 x 1-hour sessions, so you save up to £70 with a package deal!


When can I take my lessons?

You can take lessons during our usual working hours – including evenings, simply contact us to make a booking. You can set up a regular slot, or book each session individually, or have a two-hour lesson if you want. As long as we’re available, you can book the lesson. We offer tuition on weekdays (Monday to Friday) only. Please note our terms for cancellations and missed appointments, which you can read here. These apply to Tuition Packages, so please be aware of what to do if you need to cancel a lesson or you may end up losing a session.

Is there an expiry date?

No expiry. You’ve paid for your lessons upfront, so their availability never expires. Take them when you want, subject to tutor availability.

Can I mix different kinds of tuition?

Your tuition is tailored to your needs, and we believe very firmly in that approach. So if you buy a guitar tuition package but you want to learn songwriting techniques alongside learning the guitar, then that is what we teach you.

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