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TuitionOur tuition covers guitar, drums, music production and songwriting.

We cater for beginners of any age, taking you through the first steps of learning your craft. Not only do you learn how to play your instrument or how to use your software, but we also teach you so much more about being a guitarist/drummer/producer/songwriter.

We feel the most important aspect of our tuition is to make sure you are learning the stuff that is most relevant to the music you want to make. So the first thing we do is talk to you and find out what you’re into, who you like, and what kind of music making you’d like to get involved in.

Then we can make sure that the stuff you’re learning is pushing you in the right direction. We always teach a blend of theory, technique and practical to make sure you know what you are learning and why, as well as making sure you enjoy yourself at the same time!

If you have any questions about this service, please look at the Tuition FAQ below or contact us for the information you need.


Who is this service for?

This tuition is for anyone with an interest in learning guitar, drums, music production and songwriting.

We cater mostly for beginners, as we like to get to know you and find out what your ambitions are before you start to learn. That way, we can tailor your lessons based on your ambitions for a more individual and enjoyable learning experience.

However, we don’t exclude people who have some prior experience or knowledge. Please get in contact with us if you’re interested and we can talk to you about your specific ambitions.

More about guitar tuition

We feel that anyone learning guitar should be taught the skills they will need in order to play guitar the way they want. For this reason, the first thing we do is to talk to you, and find out what kind of guitarist you want to be. We want to know who your heroes are, what songs and styles you want to play, and so on.

From there, we tailor the learning process to focus on the techniques and knowledge needed to play guitar the way you want to play.

All styles can benefit from learning some music theory, so we always teach theory as well as performance and techniques. But if you want to play punk rock then we won’t spend loads of time learning fingerstyle techniques, we’ll be covering power chords and palm muting and other techniques relevant to what you want to play.

More about drum tuition

Our drum tuition is for beginners to drumming and teaches the basics of composing a beat and keeping time. The lessons are adaptable towards individuals, we start off by learning how to play simple beats and then gradually add more techniques.

You will learn to play along to your favourite songs and play with other musicians, as the tuition is geared towards teaching you by focusing on the style of music you want to play.


More about music production tuition

Our music production tuition covers how to record, mix and master in Cockos Reaper or Adobe Audition. These are the software packages we use, but the skills are transferable to any audio software package of choice.

We cover loads of topics such as setting up your equipment, preparation steps before recording, using plugins and effects, audio editing, monitoring, and more.

Stage by stage, you record and mix and master your own project with our guidance. We show you the benefits of each technique and you will choose where and how to apply them to your project as you learn more about the process.


More about songwriting tuition

We teach the principles and techniques of songwriting, which will give you the ability to write your own material. To begin with, we’ll analyse some of your favourite songs to see how they are put together. We even compare songs you love to songs you hate! One of the important lessons in songwriting is that almost every song you hear on the radio has been superbly written, even if you really can’t stand listening to it.

We will look at structure of lyrics and rhymes, overall song structure, melodies, hooks and how to keep things interesting.

If you want, we can go through the process of writing a song from scratch and you can even record your creation using our studio facilities as part of your learning experience. Once you have grasped the concepts of how songs are built, you are ready to start making your own.

Overall though, we try to impress on you that songwriting techniques are your guide to writing but there are no rules involved which cannot be broken. Creativity will make your songs really special, and learning the basic techniques will enable you to know when to break with convention.


Where are the lessons held?

We are based in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey (KT12 postcode) and can visit you if you are within 10 miles. We can conduct lessons in your home, or you can visit our studio room.

We can connect with you using Skype sessions, please enquire about this by contacting us.


What instruments or equipment do I need?

Although you are welcome to use our equipment when you are visiting our studio for tuition, you should have your own equipment too. You will need to be able to practice in your own time. One thing you should not be without regardless of what you’re learning is a notepad and pen, as you’ll probably want to write some stuff down.

For guitar lessons, obviously a guitar is necessary. You can have electric or acoustic, whichever is more appropriate for the kind of music you want to play. You should have plectrums, a tuner, and any accessories applicable to your style – guitar lead, slide, capo. Always have spare strings available in case you break one!

For drums, you should have a drum kit of some description. Electronic kits are perfectly acceptable, and in fact that is what we use in our studio. Acoustic kits are awesome too, but you should consider wearing protective ear plugs. At the very least, don’t make fun of us when we put ear plugs in!

For music production, you should have a PC or laptop with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) installed. If you only have the computer then you can install software called Audacity which is free and is sufficient for you to learn the fundamental techniques of music production. You should have an audio interface for getting music in and out of your computer, and keyboard/guitar/microphone/etc for generating the music itself. If you need help with these steps too then you are welcome to begin your tuition by coming to see our setup and simply talking about your needs and what your options would be in terms of equipment you need to make the music you want to make.

For songwriting, your options are a little more open. You can learn songwriting principles with just a notepad and pen, but if you want to study specific tracks then you should have a CD or MP3 player with the song and you are welcome to bring an instrument of your choice (usually guitar or keyboard) for composing chord sequences and instrumentation to fit with lyrics and melodies.


How much will it cost?

Tuition is priced at £15 for an hour long session between 10am and 5pm, and £20 for an hour from 7pm or later. Tuition is available from Monday to Friday.

Skype sessions for tuition on songwriting techniques can be arranged, please enquire for further details.

Bookings should be made a week in advance (or longer), we may charge an extra fee for accepting last minute bookings.

Cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before the booking. Any later and we ask that you pay half the tuition as compensation for cancelling without giving enough time for your slot to be re-booked.

Any appointment for tuition that is missed without notification is charged at the full rate.


Do you charge extra for home tuition?

No, as long as you’re based within 10 miles of the KT12 postcode we’ll come to you for lessons if you want and there’s no extra charge.


Can I combine different types of tuition?

Yes you can! To give an example, if you wanted to play guitar but were also interested in songwriting techniques then we can adjust your tuition so that you begin by learning to play some guitar in your preferred style before introducing some songwriting techniques so that you are learning how to play the guitar and how to write your own songs at the same time.

Much of our tuition can be seamlessly combined so that you develop in multiple areas of learning simultaneously.

Talk to us about what you want to learn and what you aspire to, and we will tailor our tuition accordingly.