Contact us with details of any recording requirements you have. We have a small studio facility, so our service caters primarily for singer/songwriter musicians and similar. It’s essential to have a good quality recording to promote your talent, and we can help with this. From adding instrumentation or percussion to fleshing out your songs with full band arrangements, we’re here to help you get your songs heard.

Contact us to discuss your project and for an idea of the kind of thing we’ve been doing, listen to our track “Hot in the middle” using the soundcloud player below:

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us for the information you need.


Who is this service for?

If you need to record any tracks, we may be able to help. We don’t have the space or the sheer range of equipment you’d find in a dedicated recording studio, but we’re here to offer more affordable services to people who need quality recording on a budget.

So to give an example, if you are a singer/songwriter who has done a few open mic nights and people are asking for your soundcloud page then we can help with your recording at a much lower price point than a big recording studio while still offering exceptional quality.


What can you record?

We can accommodate most kinds of recording; microphone based (voiceover, singing, spoken word, instrument capture), drums/percussion (through an electronic drumkit), guitars (electric/electro-acoustic/bass through amps or GuitarPort), keyboard/organ (through USB keyboard) and field recording (using portable recorder).

If you want us to record anything, we’ll need full details of what you require; details of vocal or instrument part(s) and so on. There will be additional costs if we are creating and recording parts for you, but we still keep things as reasonable as possible.

A typical example of recording work we might do for you could involve a guitar/vocal or piano/vocal track that you have recorded. We could record additional parts to flesh out your arrangement; guitars, drums, bass, MIDI strings, etc.


Can I record something in your studio?

We don’t have a large studio space so couldn’t accommodate your Polyphonic Spree tribute band but for singer/songwriters and other similar acts we can cover your recording needs.

For example, if you play the clarinet and want to record a part, then we may be able to set up a recording session with microphones to capture your performance.


What will my recording sound like?

We talk to you before we start to get an idea of what sound you are after. So, as far as possible, we try to get your recording to sound the way it sounds in your head.


How much will it cost?

We charge £15 an hour (or part hour) for recording services.