Contact us with details of any mixing requirements you have. Whether you have the parts to a song, or want to mix together audio for a showreel or video editing purposes, we can help with this process.

Listen to our track “Hot in the middle” using the soundcloud player below.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us for the information you need.


Who is this service for?

This service is primarily for anybody who has the individual track recordings for a song but needs help mixing them together to make a completed track.


Do I need my song mixed?

A well mixed song is essential. Mixing is the difference between a ropey sounding demo you want to make excuses for, and a polished sounding track you want to play to everyone.


What do you do with my song?

The important thing is to judge each track individually. There is no magic button to mix a song, so we take the individual tracks and edit any parts that need editing. Then plugin effects such as compression, EQ and reverb are applied to balance the track and form the basic desired sound. When everything is ready, we create a single stereo recording of your track which will be ready for mastering. Of course, we can master your track too if you wish – see the section on Mastering for more information.


Is it going to sound better?

The aim is to make the track sound as good as possible overall, and there are a number of considerations and tests we run to accomplish this. The most likely place for people to hear your music is on the internet, so we mix your tracks with a focus on making them sound as awesome as possible to people who get their music fix online. This means making sure your song sounds as good as possible on headphones and laptop speakers and mobile phone speakers as well as on home stereos and car stereos.


How much will it cost?

Our rate is £15 per hour (or part hour) for all mixing work.