Editing FAQ

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[pane title=”Who is this service for?”]Editing is used in almost any project involving audio. Any audio can be edited, so our editing services are suitable for anybody from podcasters to video game developers to musicians to someone compiling a video.[/pane]
[pane title=”What kind of editing can you do?”]We have the means to work with audio/video and audio only, so we can fit the needs of your project. Audio only projects may include podcasts, voiceover editing, music projects, restoration and so on. Audio/video projects can include any kind of video where audio is also required.

Audio editing is full of possibilities. Audio that appears to be ruined can be restored, musical performances with wrong notes or instruments out of tune can be “corrected”. Only rarely is it impossible to at least improve greatly on a problem, and much of the time we can completely fix or cover up the problem.[/pane]
[pane title=”How much will it cost?”]The amount we quote you is the amount you pay, regardless of how long the editing takes and inclusive of any further tweaks. We set a price according to the details of the job you provide us and what we think it will entail after we have spoken with you, rather than charging you per hour.

We feel this is the fairest way of doing business, you pay us an agreed fee upfront for the work and we do the job however long it takes us – this way, you don’t get hit with any extra charges if the job takes longer than anticipated and you won’t feel like you might be shortchanged because you can’t possibly know how long we actually spent on your edit.[/pane]

[pane title=”I still have questions before I submit an enquiry.”]Please visit the Contact page to get in touch with us directly.[/pane]

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