Contact us with details of any duplication requirements you have. We offer CD or DVD duplication runs, up to 50 copies with optional direct-to-disc artwork printing. Please ensure you are permitted to duplicate the source material before making an order.

Our service caters for all types of short-run duplication, from making cost-effective copies of your favourite albums for listening in the car, to pressing up 50 copies of your band’s demo for selling at your next gig.

If you have any questions about this service, please look at the Duplication FAQ below or contact us for the information you need.


Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone who needs small duplication runs (up to 50) for CD or DVD. It’s ideal for artists, bands, or anyone who has their own CD/DVD and just needs a small number of copies to send to companies as a promo or to sell at their next gig.

We also cater for legal duplication of commercial CDs and DVDs. You are permitted to make a copy of an album you own, for example, for personal use only. For instance, you can copy a CD for listening in the car, which offers the benefit of not risking having your original album stolen if your car is broken into. Multiple copies of commercial releases are not permitted, unless you can demonstrate you have the necessary copyright clearance or rights to duplicate the source material beyond what is considered “personal use”.


What can I duplicate?

Any CD or DVD can be duplicated, as long as you have the legal entitlement to duplicate the source material. This is very important. We do check. Please don’t ask us to make 30 copies of “Toy Story 3”.


Is it the same as the CDs/DVDs you buy in shops?

Not exactly. We use “consumer media”. This simply means we use the kinds of recordable CDs and DVDs you see on the shelves in Tesco. Whereas, the commercial CDs and DVDs you buy in Tesco are made in factories and use a different kind of mass-produced media which is suitable for the machinery they use to make millions of discs.

Both work in exactly the same way when you pop them in your CD/DVD player, we just feel that you should know exactly what you’re getting.


What are the extra options about?

We offer additional options for direct-to-disc artwork printing and media storage:

Direct-to-disc artwork – we print directly onto the CD/DVD in either full colour or black and white. You can submit your artwork/text requirements to us if you want this option.

Media storage – we offer your media on a spindle as standard but you can opt to have each disc packaged in a jewel case or plastic sleeve.


What is the process, from start to finish?

After you contact us about a duplication project, we will agree the work you need and offer a quote. If you accept the quote, we need the source material from you. You can either post us the CD or DVD you want copies of, or you can upload a disc image file to us. We produce the number of discs you have requested, along with any additional options.

When the order is ready, we can either post it to you or you can collect it.


How much will it cost?

The amount we quote you is the amount you pay. When you fill out the enquiry form, it gives a base price for each aspect of the job but we often reduce the overall quote according to the size of the order and so on. We set a price according to the details of the job you provide us and what we think it will entail after we have spoken with you, rather than charging you per hour for duplication projects.