Open Mic Nights

We run Open Mic Nights and welcome any enquiries from venues in London and the Greater London/Surrey area with regards to staging Open Mic Nights using our service.

Have a look through the categories below to get an idea of what we offer at each event:


What we do on Open Mic Nights

We provide and run the audio equipment, so we set everything up and do a quick soundcheck before the event kicks off. Then we make any changes and adjustments needed during the evening so that the sound and setup is tailored for each individual act, such as adding more reverb for a vocalist or setting up additional microphones where needed. We keep things running in the background, so performers get the best sound possible and the music is the focus of the evening.


Equipment we provide

We provide either a 400 watt LD Systems Line Array PA or a 250 watt Fender Passport PA with up to three dynamic microphones. Both these systems have a fantastic sound and each one brings its specific strengths to different venues. Both are perfect for Open Mic events in small to medium sized rooms, and for larger venues or full band setups we can combine both systems to provide a 650 watt super-PA! We also provide an acoustic guitar and a Casio 61-key keyboard which are hooked up to the PA system, as well as a cajon drum and music stand. We even have a cable ready to plug into an MP3 player for any backing tracks. Anything else must be brought by the individual performers, such as other instruments or backing tracks on an MP3 player.


Recording the event

We can run a feed from the mixer to a laptop and record the whole event. Performers can get a free recording of their sets after the Open Mic Night. Recording Open Mic events is not yet very commonplace, so this can be a big plus for performers to get a live recording of their work.

Performers, please note that if we use your song on our Soundcloud page then it is mixed and mastered for you free of charge, otherwise we charge £3 for an individual song or £7 for a set in exchange for mixing and mastering the recordings.

See our Soundcloud page to hear a direct comparison of a track before and after mixing and mastering.


What does it cost?

Rates are negotiable based on location, day/time of event and repeat bookings but we usually charge around £150 for an event. This covers everything; all equipment hire for the event, a sound engineer who will set things up and run the equipment for the duration of the event, then pack everything up again at the end.

As noted in the “Recording the event” section, we do charge a small fee to performers who want us to mix and master their recorded tracks after the event, unless their work is being used on our Soundcloud page – in which case this service is free of charge.

Venues reserve the right to charge performers to play at their event if they wish, although it is standard practice in Open Mic Night events to allow people to play for free. The benefit to the venue is the draw such an event can have, bringing more people in to the venue on a specific evening.


Promoting the event

Anyone wanting to perform should contact the venue directly for information, as each venue has different rules regarding their Open Mic event. Some require you to sign up in advance to perform, others allow performers to turn up on the night and sign up. We promote all events we cover on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also direct enquiries to the venue if we can’t answer them ourselves, and will assist with any technical enquiries related to the capabilities of the equipment we provide.


What we do after the event

Performers may request their free recording. Or, just let us know at the event itself that you want your recording. As long as we have your email address, we’ll set up a password protected page with a link to your recording, and send you details on how to download your performance – free of charge.


Any venues interested in staging an Open Mic event can contact Rob – send an email to

To enquire about performing at an event or for more details of the next event, please contact the venue using the information in the “Upcoming Open Mic Events” section below. Or for any technical/equipment enquiries, please email