ImFest 2014


ImFest is a family-run festival, raising money for Alzheimers. This year’s event will be held on 28th June, and tickets are only £10!

Here’s what the organisers have to say about InFest:

ImFest started its days back in 2012 in the Archard family’s back garden. It was meant to be a one off, festival themed birthday do for the youngest of the Archard clan… however, it unexpectedly evolved very quickly into something different…

After losing our Grandad who suffered with dementia late May that year, we decided to dedicate ImFest 2012 to raising money for the Alzheimers society in his memory. With a make-shift stage, 2 bands and 100 attendees we raised over £200 in donations on the day! The success of having fun whilst raising money for such an important cause made us hungry for more… so ImFest 2013 happened!

Two years on, we’re super excited and proud to say that our small, family run festival is doing well! We have the valuble backing of many talented musicians, as well as the generous support of an abundance of family members and friends who give their time throughout the year and on the day to help us pull off a fantastic charity event!

We’d love for you to join the ImFestivities this year, so give us a shout if you and your dancing wellies are free and want to buy a ticket!

Get yourself a ticket and have a great time!

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