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With our Vinyl Transfer service, you can get your record collection (or cassette tapes) copied onto CD or MP3.

This service is currently available in the UK only.

This is how it works:

silver_arrow Send us the records you want to transfer. If you are local to Walton-on-Thames, we may also be able to collect from you.

silver_arrow We create CDs or MP3s of your records according to your instructions.

silver_arrow Any extra services you have selected, such as printing the original artwork or digital noise reduction, are also carried out.

silver_arrow Your CDs are posted to you, MP3s are made available for you to download. We also return your original records, or donate them to charity shops on your behalf if you prefer not to have them returned.


Getting your records copied onto a digital format offers several benefits:

silver_arrow Your collection is backed up in a digital format. Digital versions of your records will never degrade through being played too much, so you can keep your records safely stored for special occasions.

silver_arrow You could decide to sell your records or donate them to a charity shop. Some records are rare and valuable, or perhaps you simply don’t have a turntable or cassette deck any longer or feel your records take up too much space.

silver_arrow We can attempt to reduce any unwanted noise effects which can become intrusive as records age or become warped. Hiss, crackles and pops can all be reduced and even eliminated entirely in some cases. We also attempt to correct any jumps in the playback, although this isn’t always possible.


Finally, please be assured that we love vinyl and have our own collection too. Any records you send us will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

If you have any questions about this service, please look at the Vinyl Transfer FAQ or contact us for the information you need.

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