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TuitionOur tuition covers guitar, drums, music production and songwriting.

We cater for beginners of any age, taking you through the first steps of learning your craft. Not only do you learn how to play your instrument or how to use your software, but we also teach you so much more about being a guitarist/drummer/producer/songwriter.

We feel the most important aspect of our tuition is to make sure you are learning the stuff that is most relevant to the music you want to make. So the first thing we do is talk to you and find out what you’re into, who you like, and what kind of music making you’d like to get involved in.

Then we can make sure that the stuff you’re learning is pushing you in the right direction. We always teach a blend of theory, technique and practical to make sure you know what you are learning and why, as well as making sure you enjoy yourself at the same time!

If you have any questions about this service, please look at the Tuition FAQ or contact us for the information you need.

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