Studio Services


silver_arrow We use Reaper and Adobe Audition to mix projects. We also have a host of plugins from the likes of Waves, Acustica Audio, Antares, Toontrack, Voxengo and many more to help get your mix sounding just the way you want it.



silver_arrow We analyse a final mix in Reaper and Adobe Audition before applying any suitable mastering techniques to get your work ready for release.





silver_arrow We use Reaper, Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere to meet your editing requirements – whether you have an audio-only project or you are also working with video.





silver_arrow Recording takes place using Reaper and a MOTU Ultralite MkIII audio interface. The studio is equipped to record audio and MIDI. Contact us with your requirements for further information specific to your needs.




silver_arrow We do duplication runs up to 50 for CD or DVD according to your needs, and can even print direct to disc with your choice of artwork.

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